October 13, 2013
                               Kase Wright, Judy Hollingsworth, Scott Hollingsworth, Don Stiefel,
                                               Joe Douglas, Marilyn Douglas and Ed Betts

Magicians all over South Texas are excited about the resurgence of IBM Ring 157 in Corpus Christi. Former members are coming to meetings and new members are joining the ranks. Scott and Judy Hollingsworth (who live about half way between Corpus and Houston) have joined the club and are lending their considerable talents and enthusiasm to the re-birth of the club.
The photo shows IBM Ring 157 members Kase Wright, Judy Hollingsworth, 2014 President Scott Hollingsworth, Vice President Don Stiefel, Secretary/Treasurer Joe Douglas, Marilyn Douglas, and Ed Betts with a gate-crasher in yellow at a recent meeting at the Ronald McDonald House in Corpus Christi.
2013 President Ed Betts graciously acceded to the club's wishes to have Judy Hollingsworth represent the club on the TAOM Board of Directors. He cited his 95 years and travel limitations as good and sufficient reasons to retire from that position. He agreed to continue as club president until the installation of officers banquet and party in December. An open invitation was issued to magicians around the state to attend what promises to be a lively party with good food and fun and lots of magic.

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