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   I.B.M. Territorial Vice President Scott Wells and I.B.M. Ring 157 Vice President Don Stiefel,
President Scott Hollingsworth, and Secretary/Treasurer Joe Douglas at the installation ceremony.

                                        Installation Banquet and Show - December 17, 2013

Members and friends of I.B.M. Ring 157 in Corpus Christi met on December 17 to install 2014 officers. Thirty-five guests and members from around the state enjoyed catching up on the news and having dinner at Red Lobster. I.B.M. Territorial Vice President Scott Wells from Houston, who is also a member of Ring 157, presided at the installation of officers. After presenting out-going President Ed Betts with a plaque thanking him for past service, he introduced incoming President Scott Hollingsworth, Vice President Don Stiefel, and Secretary/Treasurer Joe Douglas.

President Hollingsworth welcomed the group and thanked everyone for supporting magic in Corpus Christi. The enthusiastic audience showed continued appreciation of the magic skills of Scott Wells, Joe Douglas, Play Boy Ken Euton, The Man of Mystery Blake Gavin, Valdino, Miss Direction, Dick Olson, Noisey the Clown, Henry Sanchez, Mary Cay Gold, and Crazy Paul.

The evening ended with President Hollingsworth adding a little magic of his own and inviting everyone to attend January's meeting and workshop.