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IBM Ring 157 officially moved our meeting date from the 2nd Monday to the 2nd Tuesday of
each month and have booked the Ronald McDonald House for the 2nd Tuesday of each month
in 2017.
This year has been busy as the Ring had to plan the Installation Banquet for February at our
January meeting and the March meeting was on March 14, one day before the Ring Report
deadline.  I am including highlights from January, February, and March to catch up.
In January, Scott Hollingsworth performed and opened by showing a silk handkerchief with
an empty top hat on it.  He poked the center into his closed fist and pulled out a rabbit on
another silk handkerchief.  Next, he poked both handkerchiefs into his fist and they
magically disappeared.  For his next effect he folded a bandana into a Bermuda Triangle and
placed a glass within the center.  He followed this by mysteriously vanishing four coins one at
a time and they reappeared by making a clinging sound inside the glass.  Scott was on a roll as
he walked into the audience to perform a Ring on String routine.  He followed with a paper
tear where a black and a white tissue are torn and restored to make a top hat.  A paper
streamer was pulled out of the hat, followed by a white paper bunny.  Scoot closed by having
a spectator select a card and performed the Sketch Pad Rising Card.
Valdino performed a three coloring book monte using the magic coloring books.  After
showing only one book with colored pictures and the other two blank, he would mix them up
and the audience would always lose by selecting a blank coloring book.  Wonder how he did
Joe Douglas closed the show with the Miniature Light Board, Pom-Pom Prayer Stick, and
Ching Ling Soo Firecracker.
In February, the Ring finally had our Installation Banquet.  IBM Territorial Representative
Scott Wells was our installing officer and also entertainment for the evening.  Orlando
“Valdino” Valdez, President; Michael Gleason, Vice President; Joe Douglas, Secretary-
Treasurer; and Al Garcia, Sergeant at Arms were officially installed for 2017.  Special thanks
and a plaque was given to Scott Hollingsworth for serving as Ring President from 2014 to
2016.  Judy Hollingsworth was unable to attend; however, our Ring thanks her for serving as
TAOM Representative for our Ring and President of TAOM during 2015-2016.
In March, the living room at Ronald McDonald House was a packed house with standing room
only.  All four newly elected officers performed for the very appreciative audience.
Valdino opened the show by displaying a green feather flower stem with no flower.  A red
flower would appear and disappear at the end of the stem to be unseen only by the
performer.  Eventually after much byplay, the red flower changed to a yellow flower.  Next,
Valdino displayed three ropes and performed his version of the Professor’s Nightmare.  He
closed by having a spectator help him plan a trip.  After showing three postcards (a jungle,
the moon, and a castle), the spectator chose one destination.  In the amazement of all, the
selected postcard matched the prediction.
Joe Douglas performed next with a spot card routine.  A blendo routine followed as three
different colored handkerchiefs appeared in an empty change bag.  After a spectator pushed
these hanks back into the change bag, a magical gesture resulted in these handkerchiefs
becoming one multicolored handkerchief.  Joe closed with a four ace routine followed by
John Scarne’s Triple Coincidence.
Al Garcia did some coin sleights followed by a coin penetrating a handkerchief.  He followed
this with a rubber band do as I do routine with a spectator who always had a problem
following the rubber band penetration.  He closed by counting six pennies into a spectator’s
hand which was closed tightly after each penny was placed one by one into his hand.  Next,
Al would magically pull one penny thru his hand leaving five pennies when the spectator
opened his fist.
The audience and volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House enjoyed the show.  Magic is
alive and well in Corpus Christi.
Joe Douglas
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